My first job experience in Tech as a Junior UI/UX Designer.

Self Doubt is the part and parcel of every designer. Mostly when you just land into your very first job as a designer.

I graduated from an Applied Arts college and always loved creating concepts for Advertising Campaigns, Branding, Creative Posters etc. In my final year, I was very confident that I will work for an Advertising Agency. so I was working towards that goal.

But, nothing worked as planned. Sometimes it is better to not plan and go with the flow.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. John Lennon

So, How I landed up in UI/UX is a different long story. which I will write in a separate article (Don’t miss it.. ).

After 2 months of training for UX. I was transferred to my base location. I was excited to start my journey at Tech.

Every day seems quite different in the outside world than in college. Many people in my UX Team were into different projects with various domain knowledge. I used to talk to each one of them and ask many questions out of curiosity. I was so charged up every morning that today I will learn something new. Day by day my curiosity grew.

We were not assigned any project yet but we were making ourselves comfortable in a new space with new people.

I had 2 more colleagues with me who were located as fresher in Mumbai. I was the only girl among all of them so people in a team made me comfortable and helped me at each stage. Also, Most of my time was spent in our UX Lab with my senior managers talking about all the topics and discussing them for hours. we used to go to the pantry and discuss over coffee on 100’s of plans which were just plan (hahaha.. but we enjoyed that planning too).

Observing people how they work, how do they communicate with clients across locations, their journey as a UX Designer was something I used to dig and understand.

I then started helping everyone in my team and tried understanding their process and I was always curious to know about things they did.

At one point everyone who all were trained with me as fresher was allocated to different projects so they used to share their experiences and I was the only one who was left with no project. I was so tensed that why I am not getting the project, I am not doing good or what can be done to get on a project.

I used to chase my Manager always saying, “Please, allocate me to project ” and after a month or so, I was allocated with an internal project and trust me I was so nervous as I have never given an interview for a project before. But I managed to communicate with the team and learn a lot many things in that project. I understood how people coordinate, communicate and how a designer works with non-designers. It was a short term project but it was fun. I couldn’t deliver the best designs, but I never gave up.

I failed at many things, but I at least I tried it — was my motivation.

what I wanted to convey here was that everyone will face difficulties in their first job, but never give up. You will learn many things through hurdles on the way. You will learn when and how to clear those hurdles.

Trust me, I also couldn’t write a proper official mail, this is how it started.

So, First Job is all about learning and understanding the outside real world, people and building connections.

Yes, somedays you will feel dejected, feel pressurized, will make mistakes, hesitate to ask doubts due to fear of what will they think. But slowly you will understand many things and you will fit in that space.

As a Fresher, few things I have learned are :

  1. Always ask for Feedback, Good or Bad you will learn.
  2. Learn to Say No. (Prioritize and Act accordingly) that does not mean you should not help but know that you can do one task properly at a time.
  3. Work with Passion. If you don’t love your work, it will be stressful.
  4. Work doesn’t define your life, so take it easy. ( There will be days when you will feel low).
  5. Communication is key. ( Don’t hesitate to put your views)

Right now I have completed 1 year 10 months in my same company and I thought I should articulate my journey for aspiring designers.

This is my first article, hope you like it. And don’t forget to read more in future.


UI/UX Designer at Capgemini India