I have learned it hard way, never say no to opportunities coming your way.

Just Go!! and Do it. Don’t think of results.

I was always been very confident from my childhood, I never got this fear of failing and a question about it. I tried almost all the things that came in my way. In school days, I did speak at assembly without preparation one day as one of my classmate was absent, I did great and I felt confident. I used to be in my choir group — when I really couldn’t sing well I knew that I…

Self Doubt is the part and parcel of every designer. Mostly when you just land into your very first job as a designer.

I graduated from an Applied Arts college and always loved creating concepts for Advertising Campaigns, Branding, Creative Posters etc. In my final year, I was very confident that I will work for an Advertising Agency. so I was working towards that goal.

But, nothing worked as planned. Sometimes it is better to not plan and go with the flow.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. John Lennon

So, How I landed up…

Akanksha Kulkarni

UI/UX Designer at Capgemini India

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